About us

Even a little screw parts can achieve a brilliant building, which is the origin of KENLON enterprise.
Has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing screws, nuts and blind rivet nuts, our Chairman Sam-Chain, Chou had been taken the design award in 1998 and invention award of IENA 2010 in Nuremberg, and some others awards in many countries.
We are familiar with metal fastener, male/female screws, all kinds of rivets, clinching and custom-made parts, also has most advance high level equipment and precise gauging instruments. Most of important thing is we got our excellent professional team and worked together for many years.
Therefore, we do believe we sure can provide you unique good quality products and win your 100%satisfication. In addition, we welcome any customized product requirement.
Quality is our Significance. “Trust us” is to prove your products’ value..................More


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